The GoGet Building Suite

Online Lodgement

The online Lodgement Portal provided in partnership with GoShift

The GoShift portal allows for submitting and managing Building Consent applications. It has been developed around the ideas and suggestions of people that work with and understand the consent application process. The result is a convenient 24-hour lodgement service for customers and a highly effective way for building control staff to manage the lodgement process.

Some key features of the GoShift Lodgement Portal:

  • 24/7 online lodgement service – giving customers the flexibility to lodge applications at a time that best suits them
  • Applicants have access to real-time information showing the status of their applications and if any additional information is required
  • Request For Information (RFI) items can be viewed and responded to online – providing a faster, more efficient way of dealing with RFI’s
  • Integrates with your TA system and document management system – data remains under the control of council
  • Application submissions are reviewed and managed by council staff through an easy-to-use dashboard within GoGet Office

For a demonstration of GoSubmit or for more information get in touch with us here

GoGet Processing

For managing building consent applications

GoGet Processing is the new and improved way of processing and managing building consent applications, from the receipt of the application through to the issuing of the building consent. GoGet Processing is a module inside GoGet Office which is the front-end that integrates seamlessly with your TA system and Document Management System.

Some key features of GoGet Processing:

  • Easy navigation through your own familiar processing checklists
  • Simplified Request for Information (RFI) creation and management
  • Statutory time frames are monitored through a processing clock that is integrated with your TA system
  • Application information is always available to all processing staff allowing for faster simultaneous processing
  • Overall processing progress for each consent application can be seen at a glance, helping processing staff keep within statutory time frames
  • Processor competencies can be monitored through automatic competency checks that are done when work is allocated to processing officers
  • Detailed reports provide managers and team leaders with real time information

The Tracking screen

GoApprove Location Tracking

The Processing Locations List

GoApprove Allocation List

The RFI screen

RFI List

The RFI’s dialog box

Extended RFI Dialog

The Processing Checklist

Navigation Bar

The Processing History screen

Processing History and Progress

For a demonstration of GoGet Processing or for more information get in touch with us here

GoGet Scheduler

For scheduling building inspection appointments

GoGet Scheduler is where inspection bookings are managed in GoGet. Because it works together with GoGet Office, it makes more important information available to your booking staff. GoGet Scheduler has a familiar Outlook-like layout making it quick and easy for booking staff to learn and use.

Some key features of GoGet Scheduler:

  • Inspection blocks prevent bookings from being made for consents that have been flagged with a block
  • GoGet Scheduler displays the outcome of previously booked inspections, making booking staff aware of any inspections that may have failed
  • User-defined colour coding of inspection types alerts staff to things like inspection types that need particular attention or unpaid fees
  • GoGet Scheduler can integrate with inspectors’ Outlook schedules so booking staff are made aware of potential clashes with other commitments

The main user-friendly interface

The booking screen

View showing where inspectors are booked

For a demonstration of GoGet Scheduler or for more information get in touch with us here

GoGet Mobile

For managing site inspections on a tablet computer

GoGet Mobile is the field inspectors’ module where inspection results are recorded and photos are taken on a mobile device. Updating is then sent directly to your TA system giving you and your building control staff timely access to inspection results.

Some key features of GoGet Mobile:

  • Inspection notes recorded by the inspector are what is stored in the database – no double handling of inspection notes and no misinterpreting inspectors’ hand written notes
  • Photos taken from within GoGet Mobile are automatically associated with a consent and are sent directly to your Document Management System
  • Inspection results are emailed directly to nominated customer email addresses
  • GoGet Mobile has a reference library that stores electronic reference documents and web-links to online resources
  • The status and details of all previous inspections are loaded onto the inspectors’ device ready for the next booked inspection

Inspectors’ schedule for the day

A typical inspection summary screen

An inspection checklist

The consent details screen

The map screen

Ready to Update to Office

For a demonstration of GoGet Mobile or for more information get in touch with us here

Full Integration

GoGet seamlessly integrates with your system

The philosophy behind GoGet product development is the integration with council back-end systems. This enables MBS to deliver unprecedented efficiencies, not just in the mobile inspection side but also in the administration side of the system. All data collected by GoGet is seamlessly pushed back to the system completely removing the need for manual entry.

GoGet has been successfully integrated with the following systems:

Corporate Systems:

  • Pathway
  • Authority
  • MagiQ (NCS)
  • Ozone
  • TechnologyOne
  • TeamWorks
  • BARS
  • Compass

Document Management Systems:

  • TRIM (versions 6, 7, & RM8)
  • Objective
  • Content Server
  • Hummingbird
  • eDocs (5 & 6)
  • SharePoint

To find out more about how GoGet can integrate with your council’s system, get in touch with us here